A New Approach to Fusion

Clean. Portable. Scalable.

Transforming Energy for Humanity

Our Approach

Electric fusion is a novel approach to hot fusion that is safe, simple, and portable. It leverages our new proton-lithium fuel breakthrough and makes fusion vastly easier. We are delivering economics that are 10-100 times less expensive than any other energy source.

Our Mission

Global Energy Transformation​

Electric Fusion Systems, Inc. is creating a compact and portable fusion power generator capable of delivering kilowatts, yet scalable to multi-megawatts. It is aneutronic fusion, the only type of fusion that can be clean, safe, and environmentally friendly. The implications are profound—transformational reduction in all forms of energy generation while mitigating global carbon emissions. Our technology has the clear potential to rewire the globe—environmentally, economically, and socially.

Our Technology

The Innovation

Our revolutionary technology is the marriage of a new fusion fuel and switching power supply design. The lithium-ammonia fuel with external alpha sources and electrical arcing in a magnetic field create the conditions for fusion events. Unlike others, we oscillate between fusion and fizzle extracting power with each cycle.


Recent Simulations

Our simulations and theoretical modeling efforts are centered around hiring outside experts in fusion simulations. These robust software codes have been validated over decades and underpin our core science along with our internal experimental data. 

Our Concept

Product Development & Strategy

Our prototype is a roller-bag-sized power plant that uses a lithium and ammonia fuel, about $5 for 200-megawatt hours. We plan on designing and producing relevant industry prototypes that can be used or tuned for specific industries and applications. For example, we can build a small 25-50kW reactor for cars or a larger one for a truck. Or a bigger one for a helicopter 300-500kW, or an even larger 5-megawatt substation power generator for a utility. The boundaries of how much the customers do and what we provide is open to discussion. 

About Us

Who We Are

Our team is special in that we have been working on fusion problems ostensibly in secret for decades with unique experiences and data that give us an edge. It is this historical memory coupled with modern team members with a more traditional fusion experience that enables our competitive edge. 

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