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About Us: The Team at Electric Fusion Systems

Ryan s. Wood

Ryan Wood


Mr. Ryan Wood began investigating this fusion technology approach in 2014. Kopp and Wood formed Electric Fusion Systems to bring this technology forward, leveraging their joint synthesis and insights into practical fusion energy products. He has direct experience in engineering management, energy conservation and is very familiar with how utilities run their business from both the electric supply and demand sides. He has built and sold products to utilities that have even in one case been given away by utilities to their customers for free because they were so effective at reducing energy demand.

Ken kopp electric fusions systems

Kenneth Kopp


Mr. Ken Kopp is a nuclear scientist and systems engineer and began his independent efforts in 1990 around our fusion fuel with electric arcs in pressurized systems. Mr. Kopp is the key contributor to the fusion breakthrough given his experience. Ken has over 50 years practical engineering; electromagnetic, electronics, physics, complex computing and 30 years research and experience in fusion energy. His self-funded and secret work has yielded EFS’ parts of our patent-pending novel and practical Light Element Electric Fusion (LEEF) technology. Our prototype designs for the fusion power appliance are based on Ken’s insights and guidance. 

Dr. Fran tanzella

Dr. Francis Tanzella

Sr. Scientist

Dr. Tanzella is an energy research professional for the development of alternative energy production, optimization, and utilization. An inorganic chemist by education he is a widely recognized as a leader in the international low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) field. However, EFS technology is not LENR it is hot fusion. He spent 32-years as a Sr. Scientist at SRI International  under Mike McKubre with decades of energy device measurement and optimization experience. His efforts bring a wealth of insights for our breakthrough fusion technology design and future optimizations.


Larry lemke

Larry Lemke

Sr. Scientist

Lawrence Lemke, BS., MS., Ing. is an aerospace engineer with a background in nuclear and high-energy physics research.  He had a 35 year career as a NASA employee at Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. designing advanced aerospace mission concepts and developing advanced technology.  In this capacity he served as a subject matter expert on space and planetary surface nuclear power studies for the Administrator’s Program Analysis and Evaluation office. He will support the CTO on nuclear physics and engineering analyses and on laboratory research programs.

Chris eckman

Chris Eckman


Mr. Chris Eckman has a background in Physics with emphasis on accelerator physics, math, and programming. He developed programs utilized at Stanford Linear Accelerator System (SLAC) for accelerator operation. He has a proven track-record of managing diverse teams and developing, programming, and implementing complex projects across varied platforms and settings – from industrial warehouses to particle accelerators, LiDAR point clouds to electrical component testing and can do in a company, lab, out in the field, and in the classroom.