Energy loss, electron screening and the astrophysical 3He(d, p) 4He cross section

K. Langanke et al.

We reanalyze the low-energy 3He(d, p)4He cross section measurements of Engstler et al. using recently measured energy loss data for proton and deuteron beams in a helium gas. Although the new 3He(d, p)4He astrophysical S-factors are significantly lower than those reported by Engstler et al., they clearly show the presence of electron screening effects. From the new astrophysical S-factors we find an electron screening energy in agreement with the adiabatic limit.

EFS Comments: Strong paper on electron screening effects in nuclear reactions gave a very good description of electron screening effects. Screening energy, denoted by 𝑈𝑒 , is a fitting parameter that is used to give an effective increase in the center-of-mass energy in the exponent.

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