Research on Nuclear Reactions in Exploding (Li + LiD) Wires

It is shown that under certain conditions the nuclear reaction 7Li(d, n ) 2 a occurs within the plasma of “exploding” (Li + LiD)-wires. The reaction is not thermo-nuclear but of a hybrid character, i. e. the plasma is not heated to a sufficient temperature but electric fields complete the reaction. By an electrical discharge a (Li + LiD)-wire is heated to temperatures below 200 eV. After the heating the plasma expands turbulently. During this time, electrical fields post accelerate the Li and D nuclei leading to the formation of the unstable 8Be followed by a-decay. These reactions occur frequently and are observed during a time much longer than one cycle. The energy of the a-particles does not remain in the plasma and can be used for external purposes. It is discussed why the exploding wire method has not led to results of practical interest in the past.

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